Micro break reminder

Get friendly reminders to take breaks and stretch. Reduce stress and risk of injury from sedentary work.

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More than half of all office workers suffer from tension and pain in their shoulders, neck or back.

Sedentary work is a serious health risk. The average office worker spends 80 000 hours sitting down in the course of her life, greatly increasing the risk of chronic diseases. Even a person leading an otherwise active lifestyle runs the risk of injury from sedentary work.

According to the World Health Organization, sitting still for long periods of time increases the risk of

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Sleep problems
How we help

Our philosophy

Small and undemanding changes that are easy to incorporate into your daily routine can make a difference. We think every little thing counts and our goal is to help you remember.

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Our solution

We provide an easy way to help you and your team stay healthy. A break reminder application that runs in the background and gives friendly reminders to take a micro break once in a while.

Every notice suggests a small exercise suitable for office workers. See an example here. Available for Windows and Mac.

Make a small investment for increased workplace health and more energized co-workers. Choose an option that fits your team above or learn more here.

Think big

Increased blood circulation from micro breaks and breathing helps your brain work. A small reminder to stretch can be the spark that solves your problem.

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Every employer should have the possibility to invest in employee health. We provide a cost effective option suitable for every office.